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GAC442K is slowly being modified for speed events. Engine and suspension are largely standard, but there's been plenty of detail work in other areas.



  • 1275cc A-series with standard cam and cylinder head
  • CCK baffled sump (to cure oil surge in cornering, which I noticed at my first sprint)
  • 13-row oil cooler
  • Free-flow exhaust manifold (already on the car when I bought it - I think it's a Peco)
  • CCK race exhaust system
  • K&N air filter
  • Alloy rocker cover with breather leading to catch-tank (the breather being required by speed event regs)
  • Sealed oil filler cap
  • NGK BP6ES spark plugs

Fuel System

  • Standard carbs, reneedled
  • Competition fuel tank vent, sealed fuel filler cap
  • Boxed-in fuel filler pipe (for fireproofing, as required by speed event regs)

Suspension & Running Gear

  • Front 11/16in anti-roll bar
  • PU anti-roll bar bushes
  • Competition half-shafts
  • Standard 4.5x13 steel wheels
  • Avon CR322 tyres
  • Goodridge braided hoses
  • ATE Typ 200 brake fluid
  • Mintex M1144 pads



  • Ashley glassfibre hardtop
  • Bolt-in rear roll cage (fitted at huge expense - replaced a Safety Devices rollbar which would not fit under the Ashley top)
  • Front bumper removed
  • Stick-on front number plate
  • Detachable timing strut


OMP Eco seat

  • OMP Eco competition seats
  • Luke 4in four-point harnesses
  • Moto-Lita steering wheel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Wooden gearknob
  • Rear bulkhead panel removed


  • Alternator conversion
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Auxiliary fuse box on bulkhead
  • Stebel air horn
  • Halfords HB015 battery
  • Yellow earth lead
  • Calibrated tachometer
  • Interior lamp replaced by LED footwell lamps

Future Modifications

  • Replica Ashley glassfibre front
  • Alloy wheels and Yokohama tyres
  • Engine tuning: modified cylinder head and inlet manifold
  • Electric fan
  • Uprated springs and dampers
  • Improved rear axle location
  • Five-speed gearbox (maybe)
  • Auxiliary instrument panel with oil temperature gauge
  • Removal of rear bumpers/ new number plate and lamp
  • New door cards

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