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I'm always looking for cars to take part in feature photo shoots for magazines. Usually they're classic cars, but that can cover a wide age range and I'm keen to hear about any interesting car which might be available for a shoot. Just fill in the form below and send it to me, and I'll contact you when a suitable shoot is coming up.

What to expect on a shoot

Photo shoots can be focussed on a single car or involve a group of five or six cars. Simpler photo shoots can be done on public roads but often a venue like Longcross Film Studios or Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground will be used so that action photography can be done safely in a controlled environment. Owners often worry that their car will be subjected to Top Gear-style sideways cornering and general abuse, but that's not the case for classic car shoots. In most cases the "action" photography is carried out at low speeds, around 30mph.

Usually there will also be static group shots of the cars, and pictures of details like engines, badges and wheels. In most cases I need to interview the owner to get their experiences of owning and driving the car, and we would probably need to shoot a portrait of the owner. I need to drive the car briefly so I can write driving impressions, and the magazine arranges insurance cover for this. Some owners are happy to let me drive alone, others like to come along with me - either is fine.

A group shoot will generally take most of the day and there is rarely time to sit down for lunch, but usually there's somewhere to find a sandwich or a bacon roll. Generally the magazine will pay for refreshments and will also reimburse fuel costs for driving to and from the shoot, though if this is important to you it's wise to ask about expenses before the shoot. 

Submit your car

Fill in the form below. You're not committing yourself or your car to anything and none of the details will be passed on to anyone else without your approval. Please attach a picture if you can.

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