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How do I become a motoring writer?


If you're studying journalism or want to know more about writing professionally, these are all good books to read. Between them they cover all the key journalism skills from newsgathering and interviewing to writing, subbing, editing and page layout. Not all are available new and some are decades old, but even the oldest books here are still relevant to modern journalism in many of the principles that they describe.

Turner, B. and Orange, R. Specialist Journalism, London: Routledge
(including a chapter by me about automotive journalism)

Hennessy, B. Writing Feature Articles, Oxford: Focal

Keeble, R. The Newspapers Handbook (Media Practice), London: Routledge

McKay, J. The Magazines Handbook: Third Edition (Media Practice), London: Routledge

Randall, D. The Universal Journalist - Fifth Edition, London, Sterling & Virginia: Pluto

Adams, S. & Hicks, W. Interviewing for Journalists (Media Skills), London: Routledge

Burns, L. S. Understanding Journalism, London: Sage

Fleming, C. An Introduction to Journalism: Essential techniques and background knowledge, London: Sage

Harcup, T. Journalism: Principles and Practice, London, Thousand Oaks & New Delhi: Sage

Hicks, W. and Holmes, T. Subediting for Journalists (Media Skills) by Hicks, Wynford, Holmes, Tim (2002) Paperback, London: Routledge

Morrish, J. and Bradshaw, P.  Magazine Editing: In Print and Online, London: Routledge

Pape, S. & Featherstone, S.  Newspaper Journalism: A Practical Introduction, London: Sage

Pape, S. & Featherstone, S.  Feature Writing: A Practical Introduction, London: Sage

White, J. Editing by Design: For Designers, Art Directors, and Editors--the Classic Guide to Winning Readers, New York: Allworth Press

Lewis, M. How to Write Articles for Profit and P.R., Kogan Page

Evans, H. Pictures on a Page: Photo-Journalism, Graphics and Picture Editing, Heinemann

Useful links for would-be automotive journalists

Guild of Motoring Writers e-book So You Want to be a Motoring Writer

Kevin Ash Scolarship for motorcycle journalism

Phil Llewellin fund for automotive journalism

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