Owners of classic Audis – including such rarities as the 1980s Audi quattro Sport – can now buy parts online at www.audi.de/tradition-parts. As a result parts for classic Audis will be easier to locate – and the company promises that parts availability for older models will be steadily improved in future.

The service also extends to Audi's predecessor marques DKW, Auto Union, NSU, Horch and Wanderer.

Sadly for British Audi enthusiasts, the service is currently only available to customers in Germany and Austria – though Audi Tradition will respond to enquiries from other countries sent through the site's contact form.

Audi Tradition now supplies parts for classic models through an online shop – but only if you're in Germany or Austria Audi

Audi's press release:

Audi Tradition: Online shop for spare parts

  • Spare parts now easier to locate and purchase
  • Availability for Audi and previous brands will be steadily improved

To keep fine classic cars looking good in the future: “Audi Tradition Parts” today launched its online parts shop for the Audi brand and those that preceded it. The range offered by Audi Tradition is intended to help dealers, members of Audi Club International – and of course all other customers too. To find the shop on the Internet, go to www.audi.de/tradition-parts.

“At Audi Tradition, we’re glad that our modern online shop can now supply spare parts for older thoroughbreds and younger classics,” says Thomas Frank, Head of Tradition. “We shall extend the range of items we offer step by step, but since AUDI AG was preceded by a number of different companies, it will never be possible to supply every spare part that could be needed.” Bernd Hoffmann, Head of Service and Original Parts Sales, explains: “AUDI AG will now be supplying specific parts through Audi Tradition above and beyond the previous parts supply from Audi Service.”

Audi Tradition’s depot now contains more than 300,000 parts that are no longer available as Original Parts. The online shop is the first step toward optimising the sales procedure. For certain models and years of manufacture, Audi Tradition Parts will supply parts for certain vehicle types and model years made by the Audi brand and previous brands from the date of introduction until 1995. This is aimed at ensuring availability of the most important parts, and all relevant parts will be kept in stock as far as possible. If there is strong demand for parts that are no longer available, Audi will consult the original manufacturers, if these are still in business, and ask if further parts can be produced. In addition, the company intends to build up its stocks steadily by purchasing the contents of other depots or residual stocks held elsewhere.

Customers can register on the website www.audi.de/tradition-parts and place their orders at the same time. They can also choose to receive an optional newsletter containing details of further spare parts supply activities and topics relating to Audi Tradition.

Registered members of the ACI (Audi Club International) will be granted special terms when ordering through the Audi Tradition Parts online shop. Club members interested in ACI registration will find information at www.audi-club-international de. Please note that for entitlement to the terms available to ACI members, the Club Card must first be activated.

Audi dealers can access the online shop via a link in the Audi PartnerNet, and are then logged in automatically with their data and special terms. In addition, where parts have been deleted from the ETKA dealer system (the electronic parts list), a note will be inserted if the part concerned can be ordered from Audi Tradition.


Note: Parts are available from Audi at the link above - not from me!

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