Jaguar F-type

Jaguar F-type:
The Complete Story

Crowood 2019




Dorling Kindersley 2018


Mercedes SL and SLC 107-series

Mercedes-Benz SL and SLC 107-series 1971-89:
The Complete Story

Crowood 2017



Aston Martin DB - 70 Years

Aurum 2017

Shortlisted for the Grand Prix de Beau Livre at Festival Automobile International

The Classic Car Book

The Classic Car Book*

Dorling Kindersley 2016


The Car Book

The Car Book*

Dorling Kindersley 2015


Ultimate History of Aston Martin

Aston Martin Model by Model

Crowood 2012

More than 100 individual entries detailing every significant Aston Martin model, together with many rare and exciting machines built as racing cars, prototypes or one-offs for wealthy clients.

Escort XR3

Ford Escort XR3

Haynes 2010


Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Paragon 2008

More than 150 classics featured with histories, specifications and analysis. German edition: Automobile: Die größten Klassiker aller Zeiten French edition: Automobiles - Les plus beaux modèles classiques de tous les temps

Fast Cars

The Ultimate History of Fast Cars*

Paragon 2006, 2005


Aston Martin DB7: The Complete Story

Aston Martin DB7:
The Complete Story

Crowood 2007

Telling the whole story of the DB7, in a wealth of detail, this is the ultimate reference book for the DB7 enthusiast.

Ford Cosworth DFV

Ford Cosworth DFV

Haynes 2007

The complete story of the most successful F1 engine of all time, winner of 155 World Championship Grands Prix. The DFV family also won more than 150 Indy car races. Winner of the Guild of Motoring Writers' Timo Makinen Trophy

The Classic Car Book

The Classic Car Book

Haynes 2006




Paragon 2005


The Ultimate History of BMW

Paragon 2005

A comprehensive and richly-illustrated history of BMW, revealing its origins in aero-engine manufacture and telling the story of its near-demise in the 1950s and its rebirth in the 1960s.

The Sports Car

The Sports Car:
A Comprehensive History

Paragon 2004

From the all-time greats of the vintage and veteran eras to supercars from the 1960s to today, this book covers every era of sports cars.

Ultimate History of Aston Martin

Mercedes SL Series:
The Complete Story

Crowood 2004

History and analysis of every SL generation from the 1952 racing cars to the 21st-century R230 road car.

Ultimate History of Aston Martin

The Ultimate History of Aston Martin

Paragon 2003

A lavishly illustrated large format book detailing the complete story of Aston Martin.

Several of these books have been translated into foreign languages or repackaged with different covers and titles.
* Co-author

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