saddle stitching

Magazine binding where sections are stacked one inside another and spreads are stapled together at the centre, then folded to form a magazine; cheaper than perfect binding but limited to about 220pp.


(1) Exclamation mark - !
(2) A high-impact headline. 


(1) Editorial pages with a single theme, eg 'news section'.
(2) A number of pages printed on the same sheet or web - also known as a signature.


(1) See standfirst.
(2) A description of a story on the cover of a magazine.

set solid

Where leading = text size, eg 10pt text on 10pt leading.


See section.


An advert position where only one advertiser is visible.

special position

Advertising pages in high-profile locations, eg IFC, IBC, OBC, centre spread.


Said of stories which have been scrapped, so are no longer being considered for publication. When newspaper offices were paper based the editor(s) had a large metal spike onto which scrapped stories were impaled to ensure they were not accidentally re-used. The system is obsolete, but the term is still used.


Two facing pages – a DPS


Introductory text at the start of a feature between the headline and body copy; sometimes called a sell.


Paper; most commonly cover stock, the heavier paper used for covers


(1) Any editorial article.
(2) The main thrust of a news item or feature.


A magazine's slogan or sub-title.


(1) a sub-editor
(2) to sub-edit copy

thwack factor

Reader appeal generated by a large number of pages. Refers to the amount of noise the mag generates when dropped on a table or through a letterbox.


Adjusting the spaces between all the characters in a piece of text.


Typographical error; used loosely for any spelling or typing error.


The large roll of paper which feeds a printing press. Small runs and covers are sometimes printed on 'sheet fed' presses.

white space

Empty space on a page – which may not be white if the page has a background colour.


A very short line, maybe just one word, at the end of a paragraph. Usually subs will remove them by rewording the paragraph.


White out of black. Indicates light-coloured type on a page 'reversed out' of a dark background colour. Used for any light-on-dark combination, not just white on black.


Whole page.


The height of a lower-case x