Ad position in the top corner of a newspaper front page, either side of the masthead.


(1) The editor's column.
(2) Any page under the control of the editorial team.


The … character, indicating that words have been removed (eg from a quote).

em, en

A measure of horizontal space, the width of a lower-case m or n. An 'em-dash' is the style of dash often used between phrases, and is wider than a hyphen or 'en-dash'.

facing editorial

Advertising page next to an editorial page, which can attract a higher rate because (supposedly) it gets more readers.

flannel panel

List of staff and contributors, often found on the editorial page.


A one-page plan with boxes representing all the pages of the magazine. Each box has a short description of the content of the page. Used to plan the order of the content.


Pages or page numbers.


Line of text within the bottom margin of the page, often containing the publication title and cover date

full bleed

Picture which entirely covers a page or DPS.


A cover which folds back on itself to provide a fold-out flap.


(US) A paragraph


Grams per square metre, a measure of paper weight; standard A4 copier paper is usually 80gsm, thick cover stock for magazines might be 150gsm or more.


Blank area between columns of type.


Hyphenation and justification - the settings for controlling the automatic hyphenation and line-justification systems in a page layout application.

house ad

Ads for the magazine itself (eg subscription offers, reader services, events) or other titles from the same publisher.


High-resolution printer used for outputting film in CTF printing


Arrangement of pages on a full-size sheet or web, often 16 or 32 at a time



The offset of the first line in a paragraph relative to the rest of the paragraph; a 'hanging indent' has the first line offset to the left of the rest


Adobe page layout software, now beginning to take over from QuarkXPress.


Inside back cover - the last right-hand page in a magazine.


Inside front cover - the first left-hand page in a magazine.


Alignment where each line of text is adjusted to exactly fill the column width, resulting in straight margins on both edges. See alignment